Engineering Services, Motorsports, and Special Applications profit center

For decades, MAHLE has been active in international motorsport as a developer and systems partner. Our pistons and engine components reliably drive racing engines to deliver peak performance. Nothing illustrates our technological leadership better than being successful on the “toughest test tracks in the world!”

MAHLE Powertrain is also part of the profit center. No other engineering services provider has such extensive and detailed knowledge of the entire engine and such comprehensive systems competence. The company covers the entire spectrum of drive system development, from the conceptual idea to new designs of complete engines. All development activities in the areas of fuel consumption and emissions reduction, drivability, and electronics applications are handled for the customer. Comprehensive, competent, and highly efficient. In addition, special engines are manufactured in small lots.

Products & services

  • Pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, NIKASIL®-coated cylinder surfaces and liners, as well as bearings and bushings for motorsport and high-performance road vehicles
  • Benchmarking, simulation and calculation, design, application, engine and vehicle electronics, diagnostic equipment, prototype and demonstrator vehicle construction, test bench analyses
  • Small-lot engine building; aluminum foundry, machining of cylinder heads and engine blocks, cylinder head assembly