The MAHLE DNA—what drives us

Our mission is to offer innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure. We aim to fulfill this mission along the entire powertrain, regardless of whether the vehicle is driven by a combustion engine, battery, or fuel cell. We develop inspiring solutions for our customers and address the issues of vehicle purchasers with our key topics: Clean Air, both inside and outside the vehicle, Fuel Efficiency, and Driving Pleasure—these commitments inspire the development activities of MAHLE today.

MAHLE technologies for the powertrain minimize the generation of pollutant emissions. At the same time, we also ensure that the vehicle is the ideal place to take a deep breath thanks to our filter technologies.

Zero particles in the cabin—we are driven to achieve this ambitious goal. And we are progressing well. While today’s air filters already pick up around 60 percent of respirable fine particulates, we are currently developing a solution that keeps over 95 percent of the particles away from passengers. This is particularly important to us because we can make an active contribution to health by providing clean air.

In all our developments, fuel efficiency takes top priority in the specifications of our engineers. Aside from electrification measures, there is still room for further improvement in combustion engines. This is illustrated particularly well by demand-based engine cooling. The faster engine heat build-up as well as the subsequent demand-based and rapid distribution of heat flows to the various applications save fuel. Owing to its modular design, the new liquid management module from MAHLE combines the necessary coolant pump and thermostat subsystems in one component and can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. The use of the MAHLE liquid management module leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions of two percent in the European driving cycle (NEDC).

Modern, highly turbocharged downsizing engines prove that efficient drives can also be fun. However, the high specific outputs as a result of the downsizing concept are only possible with the corresponding key component in the engine—the latest generation of gasoline engine pistons from MAHLE. These pistons withstand the extreme pressure and temperature burden in the combustion chamber throughout the service life of the vehicle. Our latest generation of pistons for gasoline engines not only enables us to take further steps in engine development toward improved performance, but they save fuel at the same time. MAHLE offers the right solution for any application—pistons that are especially light with a solid structure such as the new EVOLITE or variants that are particularly resistant to pressure and temperature such as the EVOTEC RSC with ring carrier and integrated cooling channel. With weight advantages of over 15 percent compared with the previous generation, lower frictional losses, yet up to 20 times greater strength, these pistons underpin driving pleasure—even with smaller engines.

Our key topics are built upon a solid bedrock of perennial factors that have shaped our company since it was founded: never being satisfied with what we have already achieved. The relentless quest for an even better solution. And above all, a love for the automobile and its technology. These factors are what drives us to find even better solutions that take our customers to the next level. This solid foundation is also an integral part of MAHLE’s DNA.

Annual report

This was our year 2016