Research & development centers | São Paulo

São Paulo, Jundiaí/Brazil

Tech center São Paulo, Jundíai

The Brazilian Tech Center is one of the largest MAHLE research and development centers in the world. Since its initial activities in 1978 in Santo Amaro, a district of São Paulo, MAHLE products have been created here for worldwide markets. In 2008, the Tech Center was newly built and expanded in Jundíai, about 50 kilometers from the city of São Paulo. At its new location, the Tech Center continues to benefit from proximity to the production locations of automobile manufacturers in the Brazilian metropolis and surrounding areas.

More than half of the fuel in Brazil is derived from sugar cane, and flex-fuel vehicles are offered as standard. This distinctive local phenomenon means that one key development area for the Brazilian Tech Center is alternative fuels and flex-fuel engines.

In 2013, the Tech Center was again significantly expanded and now houses all the test and development equipment for the Thermal Management business unit in South America.