Founded in March 2007

Production area Busan, Korea

Customers Renault Samsung Motors(RSM) / GM Korea

MAHLE Behr Korea was established in March 2007 with its headquarters in Seoul. Since then the local production of air conditioning and engine cooling products have been successfully launched. These milestones contribute to the overall MAHLE goal to expand its network and strengthen its presence in Asia.

MAHLE Behr Korea focuses on providing high-quality air conditioning and engine cooling products for passenger and commercial vehicles in the Korean market. Apart from the manufacture of original equipment, MAHLE Behr Korea will also develop local centers of excellence for project management, engineering, purchasing and quality. In this way, MAHLE Behr Korea is bringing world-class automotive solutions and professional expertise to the Korean market.


2007/03 Behr Korea Establishment (Seoul)
2009/06 Busan Plant Opening (Jisa-Dong)
2009/10 L43 HVAC, L43 Fragrance Diffuser (RSM)
2010/08 L43 Rolling Shutter (RSM) / Vs300 Cooling Module (GM)
2011/05 L47 HVAC, L47 Fragrance Diffuser (RSM)
2012/07 Relocation to Jang-An, Busan
2013/04 In-house Production (Condenser, Evaporator)
2013/11 Company name changed to MAHLE Behr Korea Inc.


MAHLE Behr Korea Inc.

110, Jangansandan 9 ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, 619-952, Korea.

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